How the Campaign Works

The IBM Retiree Charitable Contribution Campaign is a call-in/e-mail/mail-in/fax-in campaign. In October, a mailing will be sent to regular and executive pension and cash balance plan retirees. Retirees will be sent a campaign promotion package which include a letter from an IBM Vice President, a contribution form, a retiree campaign URL for retirees to access the nearly 10,000 agencies and addresses, and an 800#, mailing and email address, and fax # for retirees to report their pledges.

The program consists of several methods of contribution: for pensioned retirees -- ongoing or one-time flexible monthly pension deductions, for both pensioned and cash balance plan retirees -- through agency websites via credit card, IBM or other company stock, through their personal charitable trust fund, or personal check(s). Individuals who choose to donate through the pension deduction system, may choose up to three (3) not-for-profit 501(c)(3) health, human services, humanitarian relief, cultural and environmental agencies, as well as Public Education Funds which support K-12 education. Other contribution options allow for as many charities as a retiree wishes.

A "write-in" agency section is included on the form to allow for the retiree to donate to an agency not on the list, whether they want to nominate it or not.

The retiree campaign web site, will be kept current throughout the campaign which allows for retirees to check the most up-to-date agency listing, as well as access to soft copies of the contribution forms and the criteria to nominate an agency. The site will also include links to support Volunteerism safely during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The forms are available on the retiree campaign website at However, monthly pension deductions can be initiated or changed at any time throughout the year.